What is different about us.

We are a slightly different type of agency. We are pretty selective about the types of projects we take, we don't build Wordpress sites, or work within that ecosystem. We care a lot about the tech we use, and we think our end users can tell. For this reason, we use React to build our interfaces, typically with Gatsby, what this means for you is a faster, more responsive, more secure website or application. What it means for us is a better, faster, more reliable development workflow that allows us to deliver only our absolute best work.

We take pride in our work, because of this we have high standards for a finished product. First, we make sure our code is well formatted and adhering to best practices by using Prettier and ESlint. This means we deliver code that we would be happy to work on again, not a mess of spaghetti that will have your next web developer groaning. Since our goal is to build long term relationships we want to make sure we would be happy working on this codebase long into the future. Second, we test our applications end to end and set up continuous integration for all work. This ensures confidence when we add features, before every deployment we run hundreds of automated tests to ensure we are creating the absolute best product we can.

Levi Robertson

Founder & Developer